1, 2, 3, & 4: Shots from a helicopter, my boat, the top of Mount Chiliad, and the Fort Zancudo air traffic control tower, respectively.

5: A nice sunset.

6, 7, 8, 9, & 10: I drove into the ocean while fleeing the cops. As I swam from my sinking police car, a helicopter sniper shot me, which glitched me so that I fell onto the ocean floor and was then able to walk on the bottom of the ocean for the rest of the session. So I took the opportunity to take some photos and find the sunken UFO.


Bigger hair!!!

BIGGER POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 PS- Feel free to use any of these as icons, but please don’t edit them or take the credit for yourself. Thanks and enjoy! <3

What texture pack do you use in minecraft? I saw a post of yours earlier and I really liked it.

It’s called R3D.Craft, the default version. I downloaded it here but there are other versions elsewhere.

Just gotta know: what's your beef with MK? Also: why call us a cult? Those involve idols, initiations, monthly member fees, the occasional virgin sacrifice.... Y'know. Shit normal people who read and accept MK's work don't do/associate with Mr. Kirkbride's work.

MK’s followers idolize his works, treating them not only as canon, but as the absolute truth, and they’ll defend him and his works fanatically. MK also encourages people to make up their own headcanon regarding lore, which is itself harmless, but his followers take this to mean that they can promote whatever they want as canon without making any distinction. But typically they’re not creative enough to make their own theories, so they just believe whatever MK writes.

Compare this to a normal person, who takes MK’s comments and writings in perspective, realizes they’re not canon and that in no way does this prevent him from believing them, and acknowledges that his understanding of lore may not be the absolute truth (for which there may be none), and doesn’t go around on forums and editing wiki content telling everyone it’s true. That’s why I call you a cult. And this behavior isn’t rare. I’ve encountered it every single time I’ve talked to an MK follower.

"But Shirley you’re exaggerat-"
"Every. Single. Time. On many occasions."

I suspect the normal MK fans keep quiet. I’ve already answered these questions and more on the related post and won’t be responding to this.

By My-Magic-Dream
By Falvie

By Falvie

By Falvie

Seeing Addamasartus and Ghostgate again brings back memories.

1. It’s been a while since I was last up here.
2. You can sit on the couch in the barbershop.
3. Some idiot trying to kill me with a tank while I’m in passive mode.
4. Rest in peace, scooter brother. Also, nice helmet.
5 & 6: Inside some of the Los Santos Customs.

Creepy or cute? A bit of both.

: D

: D

Poor Teri.

Poor Teri.

Journal of the Two Sisters

The book gives a lot of details about the history of Equestria from its founding by the three pony tribes until soon after Celestia and Luna got their cutie marks. The second half of the book is the Friendship Journal, and has expanded entries from the main six and others, but is still pretty interesting. It has canon lore [so far] not seen on the show, and it’s only ten bucks, so go buy it!

GTA Online Crew: Rainbow Dash Club

Crew members who did not have their gamertag linked or visible were kicked from the crew, reducing it from 285 members to 65. The crew is also now invite-only. To be allowed back into and remain in the crew, you must change your privacy settings so that your gamertag is visible to crew members.

I has originally set a deadline of June 30th to make your gamertag visible, but realized that since not everyone visits the social club website that often, a deadline may not have been enough. So I went ahead and kicked people out. I figure this way, anyone who wants back in and wasn’t just sitting idle in the crew or collecting pony-related crews will let me know.

This was all done for accountability. I should’ve realized it sooner, but I can’t manage a crew with anonymous people in it. If you misbehave, with your gamertag visible to crew members, your actions will now have consequences.